Altered States

Go to the Jon Bell Designs page to contact Jon about computer generated images of your truck. Not everyone wants or likes the looks of original. For you guys and gals that want something other than the stock appearance I have posted these pictures to give you some ideas.

#1. These are what is called "Pro Street". Notice the low to the ground stance and big back tires and wheels. This was really popular a few years back but has lost some appeal lately although still a crowd pleaser.

#2. Nice and smooth. Lots and lots of changes but the biggest thing that stands out to me is the different headlights. It really sets it apart from the rest.

#3. This one had a close haircut! The cab has been chopped about 3-4 inches. It certainly changes the appearance. This isn't a job for beginners. The truck in #2 has a chopped top too.

#4. This one has a updated headlight package borrowed from a '94 and newer Dodge Ram pickup. I saw this on a pre '54 Dodge panel at the '95 Hot August Nights event. I liked it then and still do on this one.

#5. Great looking 56. Frenched headlights, rolled front pan, and custom grille really show off this truck.

#6. This one is completely stock and unchanged on the outside. It looks different though, what is it? The monochromatic paint job! All the chrome, like the bumper and grille, have been painted (except the hood emblem). This is an easy alter and it is still stock (except wheels) and looks great.

#7. Really clean and bright. Great appeal. Look at the stripe down the side. Very effective and sets it off.

#8. This '57 has a new nose job. The grille is completely different than the stock '57. I'll bet it took a lot of thought and trial and error to get this one right!

#9. Big wheels, small tires, bright red with flames, and a belly rubber!

#10. Rolled front pan, monochromatic paint, smooth front end (no emblems), stance, and one piece side windows changed the looks of this one.

#11. This one is completely off the wall. A ton of modification was perfomed here. Just about everthing has been changed. This is extreme and I wouldn't recommend doing this to yours. However, I do like it because it took a lot of work to make it look this way and it was completed, unlike a lot of us who start something and never finish it.

#12. Although the truck isn't finished, I wanted to show this one because it has a really different approach to changing the normal appearance. The custom grille was made from stainless steel rods welded together. What a great idea! This truck has a 440 cu. in. Mopar motor and Volaire front suspension. Still a work in progress and driven.

#13. Someone sent me this picture in its stock form and I decided to have a little fun with it experimenting on concepts. Extra cab trucks are big around here and I extended this one out to see what it would look like. What do you think?

#14. I played with this one too. I wanted to see how that 3 bar grille would look extended on down. I like this one a lot and I'm thinking of incorporating it into one of my trucks.

#15. Another 3 bar grille. Shaved emblems, door handles, and chopped top.

#16. This is too much fun! Club cab, shaved door handles, and reworked bed. A few changes here and there can make a big difference.

#17. Ben George sent this image creation to me. A '57 with a '59 or '60 short wide box! If the cab and frontend was painted to match the bed, it would look like it was made that way from the factory.

#18. This '57 I altered looks completely different with the tube grille. The openings are slightly different than stock, but the floating tubes really set this one off. The park/turn signals are hidden behind grille.

#19. Real simple but the results are Drop Dead Georgous! These flames really change the looks of this truck. Being color cordinated instead of the standard yellow, white, and orange is a plus. Nice job!

#20. Al Toews sent this image creation that he created. A '54 club cab and stretch cab. Thanks Al!

#21. Flames! Makes any ordinary truck look fantastic. This truck belongs to Jon Coffelt and he is painting it Kandy Go Green. Can't wait to see the end result!

#22. Jon Coffelt just finished up with his truck and you get to see it here first! Nice job Jon!

#23. This beauty has many changes. A few noticable ones are the welded one piece nose and fenders (no seams). The Blazer door handles, rolled front pan, and of course the monster Hemi with the blower. It has many others changes and there is a nice article on it in the Dec. 1998 Custom Classic Trucks magazine. Photo courtesy of Kelly Owen.

#24. This one is "low and in the weeds" with a brite monochromatic paintjob and tubbed front pan. Bucket seats. Outstanding! At the time of this posting, this truck is for sale in the "Trucks 4 Sale" section.

#25. This '57 is another looker! Besides the flames, this truck has a different grille. Great stance too!


#26. This '60 looks pretty harmless but it would gobble you up in a minute if you prevoked it! This is what is known as a "sleeper". An unsuspecting stock looking rig with a high powered

motor hidden inside. The truck currently has a 440 motor in it. A 528 cubic inch Hemi is being built (700+ horses) to drop in and go. David Vraa owns and races this truck!

#27. This is a coe (cab over engine) '57! Probably about a D500 in size. This truck has a late style aluminum flat bed, aluminum Alcoa wheels, custom made bumper, and probably a late model engine and tranny. Great car hauler and it looks cool!

#28. A very easy but highly visual alteration are taillights. This rig looks pretty good with this modification. This truck belongs to Robert Carter.


#29. Interiors! From flames to door panels, tilt and steering wheels, bucket seats, and guages. It doesn't take much to change the appearances of these trucks.

#30. Here we have 2 Sweptsides. Note the 3 tone color pattern of the green one (photo from George McKovich) and the solid color of the black one. Very unusual for the normal 2 tutone Sweptsides. The black one belongs to Jaime Burnitzki. He previously had a beautiful blue and white '58 and is currently restoring a '57 Sweptside.

#31. Changing the hood lines. This modification wasn't easy but it sure looks cool!

#32. Look at those headlights! This truck looks completely different up front. I like it!

#33. Don't do this to your truck. Ugly! I don't like it! Looks like a mid 50s International.

#34. Tube grille, simple but effective. Nice clean look to this '54.

#35. This one looks pretty good. I see potential in it. A lot of work already done. Chopped top and mid 50's Chevy rear fenders. Needs a new Hemi to terrify the neighborhood!

#36. Real nice 1959 Pro Streeter!

#37. Nice. Lots of eye candy.

#38. This truck is a fine example of what you can do when you don't have an excess to parts. Edgar Perez sent me this beauty from his home in Costa Rica. Paint is one key ingrediant to any good looking truck. Great truck, and thank you Edgar! What a great truck to show off your nation to us Dodge truck nuts! You guys in this country should be inspired to get your truck to this shape. Edgar shames you people with an access to parts in this country. Well done!

#39. This one is another winner! Andy Duran from Sisters, Or., has a great looking truck with a built 360 and 727 that fits in nicely. The chrome grille really sets off the bright purple paint. This one is a head turner!

#40. A beautiful truck belonging to Todd Hunter. This truck has all the good stuff, built 360, 727, 9 1/4 rearend. Out side stuff includes different type of grille, and hood scoop. Great job!