Curious about C-2 or C-4?

Have you ever wondered what happened to the C2? Was there ever a C4 designation?

In '54 they developed and sold the C1. In '55 the developed and sold the C3. What happened to the C2? I was "talking" via email with Larry Henry from Arizona and he brought up the question about the C2. Interesting! What did happen to it? According to Larry, "The C-2 was intentionally skipped to try to throw the competition's spys off...try to make them think the C-3 was a further down the road future model. Kinda funny as Dodge really didn't have a lot to hide..the enemy (both F and C) outsold Dodge bigtime in those days." That makes sense. I'm sure Dodge tried anything that they thought would help. So what about the C4? Larry sent me a copy of an internal document (45 pages) that is titled "C-4 Series Dodge Trucks" that is dated 10/24/55 and is subtitled C-4 Series features. It is interesting. I asked Larry why he thought they never made the C-4. "I don't know why the C-4 best guess is the wrap around windsheild was the C-3 and the next model year (56) that included several updates and changes including 12 volt electrical was to be called C-4. Why it didn't stick is beyond me. The industry norm during my years at Chrysler (69 to 98) has been the internal code changed each year even though the body designation (now called platform) only changed when it was replaced by a new one." There you go. You and I just learned something I've never seen or heard of anywhere! Larry said he's spent around 30 years in the racing program, mainly parts, Direct Connection then Mopar Performance. Plus he has a friend that is in the Chrysler company that answers most of his questions. Thanks Larry!