DeSoto pickups

These pictures come from a salvage yard in Africa. The year is unknown. The photos are courtesy of Brendan Milne from Durban,South Africa.

Brendan states: "The tailgate has DeSoto stamped across it and the body tag under the hood reads: DeSoto Trucks, Division of Chrysler Corp. It's also right hand drive and is fitted with a flathead six engine". He also said that there were Dodge and Fargo trucks there too.

From bits and pieces of information I've read, Turkey has a plant that still builds DeSoto trucks. This is something that I can't confirm. One other interesting item is that the US built Desoto's had one year of Sweptsides. They used '56 Plymouth station wagon panels and tailgate.

I got these pictures courtesy of Lee Exline, "The 57 Desoto truck in Mexico I got years ago as I have a friend who is retired in Mexico. The Desoto Sweptside was from a magazine article from 1957 and the Desoto PowerWagon is a Chrysler historical image." Thank you Lee and check out Lee's website: Desoto Trucks

This picture is of a 54 Desoto Panel. Kenny is looking for help. Maybe Brendan Milne from Durban,South Africa if you see this will get in touch with Kenny at!

"I have been into Dodges for as long as I can remember. I have two 54 Australian 1/2 ton pick-up trucks and a just recently aquired 54 Desoto Panel Truck. I am after badging for my Desoto Panel Truck as it did not come with any. I have one of my Dodge fronts on it at the moment, but it is identical to what should be on it other than the emblems. I thought you would be interested in having a look so I attached pictures of it for you to view. Would you have any information on the person who sent you pictures of the Desoto truck in South Africa please. Thanks, Kenny Matanovic" Brisbane, Queensland Australia.