Feature Truck

Every once in a while, I'm going to feature a truck. If you have a nice looking truck and you want to feature it, just send me some pictures by jpg with a informative description of your truck.

Fall 2007

This is another stunning Sweptline! I love the deep rich chocolate color on this truck. Larry Thomsen from Whittier, Ca., is the proud owner of this beauty and this is what he said-------------- "1960 Dodge D100 Sweptline Power Giant- I bought this truck in August of 2005 off of www.dodgeclassictrucks.com and finished in August 2007. Total frame up restoration, frame blasted and painted and bed undercoated, all new bronze tint glass, new windshield, all new rubber, window whiskers, channel, door seals, lenses and latches, totally rewired front to rear. All original restored gauges. Gauge panel surfaced in real olive wood burl veneer and clear coated. Complete steering wheel restoration. Did not overlook any parts - lots of attention to detail - too much to list. Total cab interior surfaced in dynamat with complete custom interior. Custom Dupont paint with zolatone coating in bed. Engine is 1968 Dodge magnum H.P. 383 CI. Mopar performance dual plane aluminum intake manifold. Edelbrock 650 cfm carb. 727 tourqueflite with hurst promatic truck shifter. Mopar electronic ignition. 2 1/4 dual exhaust with flowmaster super 40 mufflers. I'd like to thank Bruce for his website - it was an invaluable resource to me. I would also like to thank all the Dodge truck people out there that helped me with parts. And a special thanks to John Geidl (Powerwagon John) for all of his parts, assistance, time and advice. I couldn't have done it without him. This restoration was a total team effort -paint and body, upholstery, plating and mechanical. Many thanks! I won best truck in my first show. For more pictures, go to: http://brinegar.net/1960dodge/index.html. If you have any questions or comments, my e-mail is thomsenclayworks@charter.net."

Spring 2007

This beauty belongs to Marion Crowder from Fresno CA.. Nice truck!!! Here is what he said.......... I bought it out of a wrecking yard in 1999 for $800 and I think I paid too much. 8 years later and a couple of bucks and all that's left to do is the rear bumper and put an interior in her. It's not a concourse restoration but I think it came out ok. Everything is original. 315 engine and pushbutton automatic. I used chains on the tailgate because I didn't like that big ugly latch sticking out. I also used a later non script tailgate. It has been a lot of work and I did burn out in the end so that is why it's not done yet. I will get back on her pretty soon and finish. If you are going to restore or refurbish something........ you better be in love with it or you will never finish.

Fall 2006

I got a nice surprise the other day when I opened my email and I got this letter from Larry White. It is a beautiful Sweptline. Here is his website for more pictures: Larry White artist/handyman

Thank you for sharing!

I bought the truck in 1983 from the original owner. It had about 57000 miles on it. The restoration was frame up started in 2002 and completed in 2004. It was sandblasted and sealed. All new stainless lines and fasteners. All new glass and rubber. It was painted 2002 Dodge Graphite with black pearl flames by Huntington Beach Bodyworks. The interior is done in the 2002 chrysler fabrics, Stewart Warner gauges, machined billet pedals, JVC stereo. Engine is 318 poly with MSD billet distributor, Holley carb on Weiand Dual Pane manifold, Flowkooler waterpump. To be installed, Powermaster retro alternator, and March billet pulley's. I won first place in my class at the 2005 West Coast Truck Nationals and was featured in a six page spread in Trucks Magazine. Another site with images of the early stages is at: http://www.huntingtonbchbodyworks.com/gallery2.php?folder=prj

Larry White artist/handyman

Spring 2006

Dennis emailed me some pictures of his truck and wanted to know if I knew where to locate a NOS or reproduction floor mat and a hubcap for his 1955 C3 Custom Regal pickup. I asked Dennis if I could post it here and also asked for a little more info on this fabulous truck. Great story! "The pickup truck was originally purchased to commemorate the 50th anniversary of my business, General Equipment Company in 2005. We wanted to do something different and the thought came up to purchase a 1955 pickup truck, have it restored and then give it away in a national contest. So, we started to look around for a truck. One of our Product Managers had a brother in the Fargo areas that told him about a 1955 Dodge truck that was for sale. Not having a lot of first hand knowledge of trucks, the owner, Duane Gier, sent some photographs. I went up to Fargo and brought it home on trailer. The idea was to have a truck that was a little bit unique over the billion Fords and Chevies that you see running around the country. Since our company and products are somewhat unique, we felt it was a great choice. The truck was actually in very good original condition. It had about 58,000 original miles. The original owner�s manuals even included the first owner�s name and purchase date of July 2, 1955. We had to make a decision�leave it alone or restore it. Upon very close examination, we detected some initial rust problems in the rear fender areas that needed to be addressed. Do it now�or in a few years when it would require a more massive effort to correct. We then made the decision to do a frame off restoration. Most of the work was done by Jack Schultz from nearby Medford, Minnesota. Jack is well noted for his knowledge of all older Mopar vehicles. The paint work was done by Dale Jacobson who works in our Engineering Department. Dale also has extensive auto restoration experience. The 259 CID V8 engine was rebuild included new rings, bearings and a valve job. Things you would readily expect after 50 years. The 4 speed transmission was cleaned and inspected with bearings and seals replaced. All new brakes and brake lines were installed. During reassembly, we added the original Goodyear tires with the correct whitewall width. A rear bumper and a set of running board were obtained from John Geidl in St Paul. The original running boards had some rust damage after the paint was removed. John had a set that was almost new. The original seat was in excellent condition, with the exception of the padding. NOS seat material was obtained and the seat recovered with modern padding materials. The original bed wood was replaced with new material as the original boards were prone to splitting when removed during the restoration process. We deviated from the original condition when the new boards were installed. The wood was sealed and then painted the correct black on both sides to help reduce long term environmental effects. The glass and stainless steel trim were also in excellent condition and required only buffing to get them back into factory new condition. There are a few things remaining to get accomplished. They include repainting the front grill according to the correct scheme, locating a NOS or reproduction rubber mat for the cab and locating a stainless steel hubcap for the spare tire. When the truck came out of the restoration shop we kinda fell in love with it. A decision was made to keep the truck for future promotional work. We contacted Spec Cast to inquire if a scale model of the 1955 Dodge truck could be purchased. Unfortunately, only tooling for the 1957 truck was available and the cost to tool the 1955 truck was prohibitive. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of our company we had 360 models of the 1957 Dodge truck manufactured in the same colors and scheme. Unless you are into Dodge trucks, the vast majority of people would never know the difference. By coincidence, our product color is similar to the Canyon Coral orange. People ask if we had the truck custom painted and are very surprised to find this is the original colors and scheme. During the purchase and restoration process, we have met some great Dodge people who have been great sources for help and information. Thanks." If anyone out there reading this can help Dennis out, he'd sure appreciate it. Dennis von Ruden General Equipment Company 620 Alexander Drive SW P.O. Box 334 Owatonna, MN 55060 507.451.5510 dvonruden@generalequip.com

Fall 2005

Real nice! This is a cool custom '57 that belongs to Jaime Burnitzki and his dad, Doug, from Dinuba, California. This has that '60s rat rod look! '59 Cadillac taillights, '57 Olds Fiesta spinner hubcaps, wide whitewall tires, laker pipes, teardrop spotlights, tuck and roll interior, tilt column from a '65 New Yorker, and exhaust through the rear bumper guards. This trick truck has a Pacer front clip that fit real nice without cutting the frame, and is powered by a '73 318 V8, with a 904 transmission. Great job guys!

Spring 2005

This is Blackfoot! This truck is a 1955 1/2 ton. This beauty is the end result of years of labor and love. Have you ever wondered why these trucks don't get into the classic truck magazines??? Here is a recent appraisal of this truck...... "Upon careful consideration and examination of the above 1955 C-3 Dodge Truck, we find the value to be between $44,750 and $44,900 on today's market for classic and special interest cars and trucks and will continue to increase in value 5% to 10% per year if maintained in its present condition. Art Kauffman, Owner, GOLD EAGLE CLASSICS VEHICLE APPRAISAL." This used to be Big Dog until it got a body makeover and a new paint. This truck is awesome! It has a 440 big block, 727, and Chevy 1/2 ton front suspension, just to name a few things. This is Ugene's mighty mopar. I love it! Ugene is from a suburb of Portland. This man is mutitalented. Look over his website. Get the scoop on him and his talents. Great truck Ugene and thank you for sharing! A truck to be proud of!! Blackfoot!

Fall 2004

"1957 Dodge D-100. My father and I started working on my truck back when I was 16 years old. My grandfather received it in a trade for a spool of welding wire. The front end is off a 1977 Dodge Aspen, which supplies my truck with power steering, disc brakes. The rear end is out of a 1968 Ford Bronco. It's a 9" posi with 4.11's. The rear also has S&W Racing Shocks and Coil springs, to go along with a Ladder Bar suspension. The truck has been tubbed to make room for 29x15.5x15 Hoosier Pro Street Radials on 15x12 Weld Pro Stars. The bed is topped off by a custom made tonneau cover made by us. Its wrapped in vinyl with 3 stripes and the new "M" Mopar logo. The insde of the bed you will find a flush mounted 22 gallon fuel cell along with a fully carpeted inside. The taillights are from a Model A. The interior of the truck consists of Kirkey Racing seats, Simpson Racing 5 pt harness, Autometer Gauges, Hurst Quarter Stick Piston Grip, Custom Console, Custom Steroe Box with 2- 10" Kicker Comp CVR's played through a JVC Head Unit, all powered by a 400 watt amp in the bed. The interior also has the "M" logo throughout the cab. The paint job is a touchy subject, but I will save it for another time. This D-100 is powered by a 440 built by Hershey Racing Engines of Greencastle, PA. Let's just say it's not lacking any horsepower, lol. The color is Dupont Boston Green, with custom flames all done by my father. Well the whole truck, other than the motor was built by my father and I. There's much more I can say, but it would take up the whole page. I just want to thank my father for spending so much time and effort into this truck, he taught me a lot about building hot rods, I will love this truck forever." Nice truck Jon! I'll bet your dad is just as proud of your truck as you are! Well Done!

Spring 2004

I love this truck! A lot of time and money was involved in this truck! This is John's story: This is my supercharged 1955 Dodge 1/2-Ton Job Rated Truck. I bought this truck from an impound yard several years ago and while it was in pretty worn out condition, it was also very straight. After it suffered a complete brake failure which led to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and ripped the front suspension out, I decided to turn it into a nice street truck. I tore it down all the way to the frame and grafted on a '67 Chrysler Imperial subframe, along with a '66 Chrysler Imperial 8-3/4" rear end housing and a leaf-link setup with Dutchman axles and 3.55:1 posi. The frame was boxed and a custom 1x2 x-member ties the suspension points together. I put in a �68 440 block bored .030 over, TRW 8.5:1 forged pistons, forged crank, six-pack rods, �906 heads, SSI hydraulic cam, Mooneyham large bore 6-71, BDS intake, and two Holley 650 double-pumpers which are fed from a rear mounted 16-gallon fuel cell suppyling a custom Aruzza Hemi fuel pump via 1/2" stainless steel line. The truck runs an 11" clutch and a 4-speed. For exhaust it has custom 2" headers, ceramic-coated inside and out, and a 3" Flowmaster system. '74 Newport spindles and disk brakes, custom steel wheels with TA radials up front and 18.5" x 31" Mickey Thompsons in back keep it glued to the road. The interior has a '66 Chrysler Imperial tilt column, '91 Chrysler LeBaron power windows, door latches and locks, custom wiring, and the stock seat with a 4-point harness. To spruce up her looks, body and paint ('70 Ford Mach 1 Red) was done by Perfect Auto Body in Redondo Beach, CA, and the cab interior, running boards and bed were rhino-lined. The end result of my blood, sweat and tears is the truck you see in front of you. These great old Dodge trucks are worth the effort and are here to stay! --John Hopper, Redondo Beach, CA. Check out his great website: Mopar5150

Fall 2003

This '59 Sweptside was purchased by George McKovich, Twin Falls, Idaho, and completely restored from head to toe! It is drop dead gorgeous!

He sold it recently and said he kind of wished he kept it. (Some lucky guy really has a prize!) But don't go feeling sorry for him! He happens to own this black and white '58 beauty! It is a driver and in great shape!

In addition to this, he has a '59 that he is going to restore, plus a recent purchase of a very rare '58 Fargo Sweptside. I believe he said he knows of only 4 in exsistence, and he has one of them! As you can tell he loves these trucks. That makes two of us! Good work George!!! Please check out his website: Sweptsides

Spring 2003

This beautiful truck belongs to Larry Henry of Goodyear, Arizona. "It is a late build '56, I think it was built in June or July of '56. It still has the center mounted t-handle emergency brake and the Job-Rated badges as opposed to the last '56's which had a left side knob adjustable e brake and forward look emblems. It has a stock 270 cid poly V8 with non factory installed dual exhausts. It has a 4 speed tranny with a granny 1st gear and a 3.55 rear axle. The 3.55 pig came from a '55 Plymouth. The truck was restored in the mid to late '80's by an owner in Michigan. It appears to have been a complete frame up/ body off restoration. Whoever did it did an excellent job as the frame is semi gloss black, the under side of the cab floor is shiny paint, even the rear axle housing shines. The truck is the correct Dodge Truck Red and Chilean Beige. It has '56 Dodge Royal Lancer spinner wheel covers, a '57 horn button (forward look emblem) and a '56 Dodge car day/night rearview mirror. It has factory tinted glass and a Mopar deluxe heater/defroster. It has NOS '56 taillights, correct tailgate and a new bed floor with the correct black painted wood and metal retaining strips. The cab floormat is correct NOS. The headlining and door panels appear to be correct original or NOS. The only thing not 100% correct is the seat cover material which is a modern cloth and vinyl in dark red and black. It also has seat belts (3). I also added radial tires which make the truck much nicer to drive. It shows 17,000 miles on the odometer, which I believe to be miles since the restoration was done. I brought this truck to live in Arizona with me a couple years ago and I take it to an occasional show locally as well as a cruise night now and then. It still hauls an occasional load of furniture or whatever needs to be moved." Thanks Larry! I'm jealous!

Fall 2002

This '57 beauty was built by and used to belong to Jim and Sheena Darling of Yerington, Neveda. 360 C.I. motor (cam & head work) 727 Torq-flite trans 8 1/4 rear end 3:23 gears Mustang II front suspension Boxed Frame Bed has been shortened 1 1/2" w/ square bar bed rails Wind wings removed Fire wall filled Pine & Oak installed in Bed tele/tilt steering column Light gray upholstery - Tweed and naugahyde many small modifications all over, Owned for over 10 years, was working ranch truck with a 10' flat bed and exhaust stacks welded up both sides of the rear of the cab. All work was performed by Rods and Restorations, Yerington Nv. Excluding the upholstery which was completed in Bishop Ca. The truck was sold and is now owned by a great Hot Rod enthusiast, Michael Brush, Bartlett Illinois

Spring 2002

If you look close you can see these are two different pickups. They are both '57s but one has a 318 with a pushbutton automatic transmission and big back window. The other is a 315 with standard manual transmission and small back window. The couple who own these two beauties are Gordon and Helen Miller from Arcadia, California. I've had the priviledge of meeting this fine couple twice. As if two wasn't enough, they have a third that they are modifying to their own taste! I can't wait to see it when it is done! Well Done!

Fall 2001

This beautiful daily driver belongs to Raul Garcia who lives in Lake Elsinore, California. Raul says he drives it everywhere, 80 miles round trip daily to work and back, and constantly is getting the thumbs up whereever he goes. Raul says the truck

has a 318, auto, tilt forward hood, chopped top, front and rear rolled pans, ac, cc, tilt wheel, and custom 54 Buick headlights. Future plans may include a FatMan MII front suspension, drop in a 360 with headers, and put on subtle graphics or maybe a flame paint job up front. Nice truck Raul!