Movie Makers

These pictures of movie trucks were sent to me. I thought you'd like to see some of the "stars" of the movie industry. Actually most of these were background trucks for the movies. If you blinked you missed them, however there are a few movies that used the Dodge trucks as center stage, but very few.

Misfits, 1954 1 1/2ton truck.

Easyrider, C?, year unknown.

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment, 1955 C3.

Capricorn One, 1957 D100.

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, 1968 C800 truck.

Psycho, 1955 C3 truck.

Christine, 1962 C900 truck.

Cheech and Chong's next movie, 1954 C1 truck.

Chips, tv series, C800 truck, year unknown.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind, C800 1968 truck.

Chips, tv series, 1961 C900 truck.

Mad Max 2, 1955 C1 truck.

The Love Bug, 1960 D100 Sweptline.

Metro, 1959 D100 truck.

A Woman Under Influence, 1957 D100 truck.

Starsky and Hutch, 1954 C1 truck.

The Twilight Zone, 1961 NC800 truck.

Roller Boogie, 1959 D100 truck.

Silver Streak, 1959 D200 truck.