Parts I want

I'm looking for these parts.

I'm looking for the headliner that fits around the small window. It can be basically any condition as long as I can make a pattern from it. I have the interior headliner for a big window. My plans are to turn these over to an upholstery shop to see if I can get these headliners reproduced as complete kits. Any help with this piece would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I'm always in the market for a Sweptside. Any of the 3 years are fine. I will consider any condition. If you have one you want to sell, email me and send some pictures with description and your price. The worst that can happen is I'll turn it down, and who knows........I have friends in this business that may buy it if I don't as I do share info with them. Nothing to lose on your part.

I'm looking for one in good condition. I would like to reproduce these as you just can't find them anywhere unless you get lucky. I would even consider borrowing one and paying shipping both ways if you have one you'd let me make a mold from. This bumperguard fits 1958, 1959, and 1960 Dodge 1/2 ton trucks. 1957 bumperguards are slightly different, and 1954-56 bumperguards are completely different. It must be a '58, '59' or '60. Email me at: Thanks!

UPDATE: I bought one on these from Cathy Watson from Florida. Thank you Cathy! I will be reproducing these soon. Found and Recieved!

I would like two of these windshield wipers if you have them, but I could get by with one. These came off of a 1960 Dodge 1/2 ton. Notice the nut on the mounting base. Email me at: Thanks!

UPDATE: I got a set of these from John Lapham from his Ebay store at Power Wagon John's Dodge Truck Shop. Thank you John! Found and Recieved!