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This site is a collection of various items that may be of interest to you.

I got this email back in November 2007 and thought this was a good story to share: "My name is Thomas McNeill and I am a member of the Hampden-Sydney Volunteer Fire Department in Hampden-Sydney, Virginia, about 1 hour east of Lynchburg. We have a 1954 Dodge C1 fire truck that we no longer use for running calls and instead only use it for parades. The truck has the 331ci engine on the 192 chassis with a 3-speed manual transmission with low gear as well. I have been doing a lot of work on the truck recently in order to get it running for our Christmas parade that is coming up in a few weeks. I came across your webpage while looking for information on these trucks and thought you might like to see a picture of the truck. During the parade 2 years ago, we got a fire call and had to race back to the station to get some other trucks. This is a picture of us going back to the station and actually some of us getting our gear on as we go."

How about this cover truck?! Graham True from Andover in Hampshire - United Kingdom, bought this '57 (originally from Oregon) and proudly displays it on the front of a album of the rock and roll band he is a member of. This is cool!

This picture of my dad's 56 Dodge C-3 is the only one I have. It was that wintermint (Bayview) looking color and white. It had a V8 and 4 speed tranny with the granny gear. Back in the early 60's to mid 60's the exhaust stack up the right side of the cab was the cool thing to do and in our community a tube headboard bed post behind the cab (from a real bed) was a neat add on. This old truck imprinted me! I didn't really know it til about 40 years later (slow learner!).

Changing designs for cluster years.

What a great conversation piece! Want to decorate that office with something different? Try this fincouch! Got a Sweptside in the backyard that somebody plowed into? Put that back half to good use! I like it!

Steve Stilwell of Street Trucks magazine set out to build this unusual hot rod. Unusual only because not many people build Dodge hot rods. This turned out pretty neat and for all you people out there wanting to hot rod your truck this should give you some ideas!

This is a Limited Edition print, # 7/350. This is the second in a series of prints by watercolor artist Matthew Yost. The image is approximately 11x7 inches with a 3 inch border, and is printed on acid free paper. $15.99 plus $5.00 shipping charges. Print will be shipped rolled via USPS. Email to: for more info. Matt is interested in painting other prints of the classic Dodge trucks. Email him!

Limited Edition "1957 Dodge Pickup" made with Georgia Marble and limited to 3000 pieces. Hand crafted, hand stained, and individually numbered. $9.99 plus shipping. Tommy Lowery, 3138 West point Circle, Douglasville, GA., 30135. Or email to: PayPal, Billpoint, Bidpay, accepted.!

Diecasts! The Famous 1957 Sweptside comes in 3 different sizes that I know of, and many different designs. Plus one small one in plastic. It has a brother that is the Utiline or better known as the stepside. It comes in one size so far, but several different designs. Also it's sister, the 1957 Town Panel is available in many different designs and one size only. It's fun collecting them, plus, they'll probably grow in value as time marches on. I've discovered 1959 and 1960 tin toys from Japan. There aren't too many of these circulating around. I've picked up 3 and spotted a 4th. There is also a semi truck and trailer combo diecast that is made in England. Another great item is the 1957 model diecast that you can assemble and paint any colors you choose. Fun!

This one was on eBay awhile back. Looks to be a plastic model that you assemble. First one I have seen.

Here is another first for me. It too was on eBay. 1957 model COE.

Unlike the diecasts, this is a tin. It is a 1959 Sweptside that was made in Japan and about 19 inches long. This was on ebay recently and the highest bid on that auction was $1,025 and it DIDN'T meet the reserve! The owner stated that he only saw two of these in his lifetime and one of those was his.

Here is another '59 tin. It was sold on ebay for $1,782 (2005)! That's right folks! $1,782. If you should find one in a garage sale someday, and you can get it fairly cheap, you better buy it as fast as you can.

I bought one of these on eBay thinking I got a old tin toy but these aren't old, they're new. Wes Bondy sent me information on these. The website is called "Timeless Elements". The price is $60. Dough Clough sent me these pictures. Each one is slightly different. Don't be fooled like I was. Thanks for the info guys.

1956 jigsaw puzzle that was made in USA by Wonder Books Inc.. This has 32 pieces. I've only seen a couple of these. The truck looks to be a 1954 or early series 1955 C1.

Another puzzle by the same company, but the year is 1954.

This is a post card from a salesman at this dealership mailed to a potential customer trying to prompt him to check out the "new" Sweptsides for his next pickup purchase. The postmark on the back is dated in the year 1957. I don't know anything about the dealership, Spot777. It was located in Akron, Ohio.

This post card shows what looks to be a '55 in front of a motel in Coos Bay, Oregon. The postmark was dated 1962. The card was sent to St. Louis, Missouri.

I've never seen this one before. Called "Break the Bank" game. It states that it is represented by the 1955 Dodge automobiles. I guess that includes trucks for that time period, but to me, it is Dodge related and interesting. Bert Parks was the host. It has a 1955 copyright.

Steering wheel clocks. These never lasted very long in Mopar history. It seemed like a neat idea, but didn't catch on. I've never seen one but I know of one in a 1957 Sweptside. Here is a website and info on these: Steering Wheel Clocks

Now this is interesting! Have you ever seen one of these? I never have. It would make a great updated car hauler. If you know of one or have one, please send me some info. Thanks!

This was sent in by Stephane Dumas and the picture is from Argentina. Even though outside the '54-'60 group it is still none the less interesting. It's either a '61 or a '65 model year and is called a "Town Sedan". Thank you Stephane!

Fire breathing, tire smoking, man eating truck! It would be cool to see one like it in real life.

Found this one on a monster truck page. I like it!

Tony Gerton sent in this picture of a monster Big Horn!