Jon Bell Designs

" provides cost effective illustration and design for projects. An accurate rendition of modifications and color options is the goal. Many times the illustrations show the builder what they do not want to do as well as what works." Jon Bell.

This is great! Want to change the image of your truck? Have some ideas but just don't know how it would look? Have Jon design for you a computer generated image of what you are seeking. That way you can see if you like it before you alter it! I just love what he did for this '59 (58 and '60 have same bodystyles)! WOW! On top of this is the fact that Jon is a Mopar owner and fan. He currently owns a '53 B-4 panel truck and a '38 Dodge truck project. Contact him and get some alteration ideas on your project! Try different color combos! Your imagination is the only limit you have and it won't cost you an arm and a leg to put it on paper. Thank you Jon!