Magazine Articles

magazine cover used with permission courtesy of John Ellis (1-225-274-9033), publisher of Mopar Collector's Guide

Isn't she a beauty? I MEAN the Sweptside!

Here are some magazine articles that you may be interested in. Let me say here that I was reluctant to list some magazine publishers and their articles. The worst of the bunch was Collectible Automobile. They finally replied but were short and to the point in their denial, and this was after I helped one of their writers to find trucks for a article. The best was John Ellis of the Mopar Collector's Guide.

The magazine list is in no particular order.

Classic Trucks, March 2006. Great looking red '55! Great article. It sure would be nice to see more of the Dodges in these magazines.

Custom Classic Trucks, March 2006. Nice looking '54. Nice spread on this truck!

Custom Classic Trucks, May 2005. An artist's rendition of the future possibilities for the El Camino, Ranchero, and Sweptside. Small picture of a nice looking '57 Sweptside.

Mopar Action, February 2004. Nice article on a hopped up '55 pro street pickup.

Custom Classic Trucks, December 2003. A piece about computer generated images by John Bell with a sketch of a '59 hotrod pickup!

Vintage Truck, Jan/Feb 2003. Beautiful truck! This was a ebay truck. Big green 1955 COE (cab over engine) truck!

Car Collector, August 1991. A article by Mike Mueller about the 57 Sweptside.

WPC News magazine, July 1998. A great article on the 1960 models. It has all the truck models and gross vehicle weights and payload allowances. Also has options and the prices. Excellent reading!

Powerwagon & Sport Utes, Issue No. 7, Spring 1999. No article, but a beautiful orange 57 Power Wagon on the cover.

WPC News magazine, May 1988. A great article on the 57-59 Power Giants. It has truck options and prices in 57,58. Also the accessories for the 59 and the prices. Very interesting article!

Classic Auto Resorer, October(?), 1995. A great article on a 57 Sweptside. It has restoration tips, etc..

Collectible Trucks(offshoot of Cars& Parts Magazine), Vol. 1, #1, 1991. Nice article on the makings of the 57 Sweptside.

Custom Classic Trucks, December, 1998. Front page cover story on Gene Mooneyham's Hemi powered 55.

Mopar Muscle, June/July 1995.Nice article on the 57 Sweptside.

Collectible Automobile, October 1990.Nice article on the 57-59 Sweptsides.

Classic Trucks, September 2000. A article on a flashy orange 58 D100.

This Old Truck, Vol. 7, # 2, May/June 1999. A diesel implant in a brown 60 D100.

This Old Truck, Vol. 8, # 1, March/April 2000. A 54 built from donor rigs. Looks good.

Hot Rod, March 1958. A very good article on the big 3 for 58. Comparisons of the 3 and a 1000 mile test run.

This Old Truck, Vol. 8, # 4, September/October 2000. A article on another 57 D100.

Car Collector, January 2002. A article by Monty Montgomery about the 57-59 Sweptsides.

Collectible Automobile, October 2000. Big article on the 54-60 trucks. Also, bonus coverage in back about diecasts, ad literature, and truck value guide.

Classic Trucks, Febuary 2002. A cuter than a bug's ear red 54.

Mopar Collector's Guide, October 1991. Great spread on cover and inside on the 57 Sweptside. (picture above)

This Old Truck, Vol. 8, # 3, July/August 2000. A article on a second owner 55 C3.

Motor Guide, June 1957. A article on comparing the 57 D100 to the other 2 makes.

This Old Truck, Vol. 6, # 6, January/Febuary 1999. 4 articles! It's like hitting the jackpot. 57 D100, 59 D100, 56 Town Panel and 55 C3 owned by the same guy.

Hot Rod, (?) 1966. A Power Town Wagon with a Hemi stuffed under the hood.

This Old Truck, Vol. 7, # 3, July/August 1999. A 58 Fargo Sweptside from our good neighbors to the north.

If you know of more articles, email me the magazine name, date issue, and article information. I'll add them to this list. Thanks