Misc. Info

Websites that have interesting and useful information on various things.

Andy Dimperio sent me this email. This is a good source of information:
"I wanted to tell you about a good resource I found. There is a guy named Bob Walker who builds racing motors. He manufactures and sells parts for early Dodge, Chrysler and Desoto engines. He has headers, intake manifolds and heads for the 315 poly and hemi. He makes brackets so you can bolt on a newer style transmission, newer water pump or newer fuel pump. I found his site surfing the net. He is at www.hothemiheads.com He also seems like a really nice guy. I called him on the phone and also emailed with questions and he seems very nice and helpful."

Hot Hemi Heads

Check out Docmo's page on identifying your truck. Complete information on what the numbers mean for the '57 thru '60 trucks. Very good info!

Look into this fabulous website if you want to find out what those Vin Numbers mean to you. Eric has done a great job here. Check out his website! Eric is also a member of the 54-60 Dodge Trucks Egroup. A very helpful individual immensely devoted to classic Dodge trucks, especially Power Wagons and Town Wagons/Panels. Well done and Thanks Eric!

In 1957 Chrysler introduced the tough 8 3/4" rearend in some of their products, including trucks. This great article tells you everything you need to know about it, including how to identify one.

Factory Repair Manuals
This website offers shop and repair manuals on CD-ROM for various years of Dodge trucks. Scroll down past the car manuals to the pickup section.