My kind of people!

I'm not much of a people person and tend to shy away from people and crowds. However, these are people I know or have met dealing with the Dodge classic trucks. Great people! The kind you'd love to have as neighbors.

The one on the right is a outstanding man! Gordon and his wife Helen are truly a find! Thank you both for your hospitality and all the pictures and info you've helped me with to start this site. The Millers had faith in me when I was just starting this website. I'm very thankful for all they have done for me.

Jared Weeks has been great with all the pictures and info. Most of the pictures in this site have been donated from him. He is a avid Dodge truck nut! Mostly into Power Wagons but he's a lover of the 2 wheel Power Giants too. Thanks for your help Jared! (Our cat Harry, wants to adopt Billie, Jared's lovely wife!)

This guy used to live in my home town (Eugene) and went to the University of Oregon, then he moved to Idaho. I didn't know him back then but met him via the internet and thru the Sweptsides! I met him and his wife once and he has been a wonderful source of info and pictures about the Sweptsides. Thanks George McKovich for all your help!

This is Korey Wilson. He isn't a Dodge truck nut but he is a great friend! Korey has helped me everytime I've asked him for help and the few words here can't really express my heartfelt thanks for all he's done for me. Always there to help me move these old trucks around! Thanks go out to his wife Barbara, for putting up with all the time I've dragged Korey away from her and the kids. I'm glad you're my friends! This picture was taken while we were out of the state on one of our delivery excursions.