New and Retro Parts

Eric Bannerman has made exact replicas of the hard to find 700 Radio antenna!

700 Radio Antenna
Here is his website link.

New replacement, molded black rubber floor mat to fit most Dodge and Fargo trucks 1954-58 except C.O.E. and the civilian Power Wagon models. This mat will fit all D and W model std. cab trucks 1954-58 including Cab, Cab and chassis, Express, Sweptline, Sweptside, UtilineTown Wagon, Town Panel and Stake trucks of all weights with any transmissions. It will also fit the 1959-1960 Dodge and Fargo trucks and the 1961-1966 Town Wagons and Panels with a little trimming [check out the second photo of my 1964 Power Wagon Panel]. This black mat is newly manufactured in 2007 and is made of pure live rubber, it is very ply-able and is very heavy duty weighing about 10 pounds. It is approx. .10" thick and measures approx. 40" X 59" and has cut outs for the accelerator pedal and rod, high beam switch, steering column and an optional cut out for the heater. If necessary you can cut out for the transmission shifter and other shifters. This mat is also molded to fit the contours of the floor and transmission cover, it covers door to door and from just in front of the seat up the firewall about 15". This is a very nice replacement mat, these have not been available for over 15 years! We have a limited quantity so don't miss out. Buyer pays shipping, this item guaranteed as long as it is not cut or damaged. John Geidl, "powerwagonjohn", E-mail, Phone 651 653 0147, 541 Bear Ave N., St. Paul, MN 55127

Check out John's other parts below on this page!

New reproduction tailgates from Mar-K! No script but you can have the DODGE letters made from vinyl if you want script. Scroll down to Mar-K's bed kits site below for more info.

New reproduction tailgates from Bruce Horkey. These are for the 54 inch wide beds. Scroll down to Bruce Horkey's bed kits site below for more info.

Bumper step pads for Sweptside pickup bumpers. These are clutch or brake pads (or maybe both) for '39 to '48 Mercurys. They are a little taller than the standard Sweptside pad and the bolt on the back is a little bigger around and shorter than the Swepstside pads. Other than that they look just like Sweptside pads. What I did was cut the bolt off at the rubber and welded a smaller sized bolt with the head cut off to the base of the pad. Since you can't buy the Sweptside pads anywhere, these are a great substitute! Borg Warner 27-3005 is the part numbers.

THEIR HERE!!! Reproduced '57 front bumperguards. They are cast aluminum and need a good metalworker to sand and polish them out, or take to a chrome shop and have them chrome plated. If you want a set, you'd better place an order now. I have 5 sets sold from known customers (you and I have already talked). I probably won't reproduce anymore after this bunch is gone. Thanks.

They Are Here Now!!! Limited Quanities. Thanks!

Automatic Transmission Parts
New transmission kits and parts for the torqueflites. These are the cast iron 3 speed automatics. They have a few minor parts for the 2 speed powerflites.

SMR Transmissions
This site has overdrive transmissions that supposedly will replace all torqueflight trannies for all Chrysler V8s. They also have adapter plates for connecting the early hemis to the torqueflights. Ron Keller sent this website to me.

US Radiator
These people have your new radiator!

Moyer Fuel Tank Renu
Patented no rust gas tank repair and restoration. No tank to old. Check out the before and after pictures on their home page!

Mar-K Bed Kits

For your pickup bed. Good stuff! You can maintain the original look or customize your pickup bed. Check out their online catalog for all your bed parts.

Bruce Horkey Bed Products

Another great site for your pickup bed. I think this company and the one above have basically the same products. Bruce has fiberglass fenders and some used bed parts.

After Hours Truck Parts
Another source for box and bed parts.

FatMan Mustang II IFS

For 1954-60 Dodge Pickups. I bought their stage 2 unit and the installation was a breeze! I highly recommend this company if you want a good steering truck and ride. No frame cutting either.

Reproduction Keys
This site has or can reproduce keys for classic vehicles. Mitch Gray sent this to me.

'54-'56 in cab kickplates

For 1954-56 Dodge Pickups. These two pieces of metal are reproduced from pieces that I had for my 1954 Dodge C1 pickup. They fit between the floor of the cab and the bottom of the door. The top attaches to the cab floor’s edge, and the bottom of the piece lets the bottom of the door edge weather-strip press up to it, for a weather seal. They are of 18 gauge, non galvanized metal. They do not have the 4 ribs as the one’s that came on my truck, because with the 18 gauge metal strength, doesn’t need it. I am reproducing these as I sell them, so when payment is made I need a week for them to be made. If you have any questions please e-mail me. Joe Asquino, Ram Restoration Products, PO. Box 15275,Riverside, RI. 02915, 401-433-3224, E-mail--

Rebuilt 251 flathead 6 cylinder engines
Vintage Power Wagons has a line on these engines to update your rig. Ready to drop in and go. Check out the rest of this fabulous website while your there.

Window Channel & Belt Weather Strips
RSSI Products carries window channels, etc., for the '61 to '71 Dodge trucks. I'll bet they can help you with your needs on the '54 to '60 trucks too.

Weather Striping
Clester's sells weather striping and windsheild gaskets for the '54 to '60 Dodge trucks and Panels and '57 to '66 Town Wagons.

D100 Disc Brakes-Discontinued
This website shows you what you need to build disc brakes for your '57 or newer Dodge 1/2 and 3/4 ton. NOTE: I have heard that this guy no longer makes these kits. Maybe this page will show you how you can build one for yourself.

D100 Disc Brakes-New!
This website from Charlie Akers has disc brakes kits/info for your '54 to '59 truck. I'm not up on this kind of stuff but I think the '60 trucks are the same. Thank you Charlie!

Clutch and Brake Masters
Rebuilt Clutch and Master Cylinders sleeved in stainless steel. A Great rebuilt product that is Better than new or NOS. Click on the picture and browse.

Door Latches
Rebuilt Door Latches: Are your doors rattling? John Geidl has a solution! We are selling two latch styles: The first is the latches for 57-66 TW/TPs, 57-60 pickups, and 60-67(possibly later) LCFs. The second is 61-67(or so, basically anything with the "Refrigerator" style pull handle) Pickups, and other conventional styled larger trucks. These use a different housing, then the 57-60 style, but use the same starwheel. These latches are fully rebuilt, and all parts are checked for wear. We have found that it often takes two or three latches to get enough good parts to make one good rebuilt latch. So please send your old latch in for a core if you can.

I have bought two latches from John and they work great!!!

Click on the picture and browse for all the items John is reproducing and rebuilding. John also rebuilt starters, generators, carburetors, distributors and some wiper motors and have core's for most.

Glovebox liners: New! Glovebox liners are in! For '59 and '60 Dodge Pickups. Mirror Arms and Brackets: New! I now have the reproduced mirror arm for the outside of the second series 1955-60 Dodge and Fargo trucks. It took some time and a few trys to get them right. They are available with or with out the mounting brackets. $40.00 with the brackets or $25.00 with out. These prices include shipping in the lower 48 states. We need more guys like this to renew our old trucks! John Geidl, "powerwagonjohn", E-mail, Phone 651 653 0147, 541 Bear Ave N., St. Paul, MN 55127

Fiberglass Rear Fenders from Howell Automotive

Fiberglass: 54-85 Dodge Step Side Pick-up rear fenders (each).......................$180.00

e@mail us at

'57-'59 Repro Quarter Panels

Chrysler, Desoto, Dodge

This should work for Sweptside pickups. Call or email:

Mike Vath, Email:, Location: California, Date: October 24, 2002

New 1957-58-59 Chrysler, DeSoto and Dodge rear quarter-panel repair panels are now available for purchase. Contact Michael Justus at (714) 444-2000 ext 262 or try e-mailing him at This project was made possible through a joint effort of The Chrysler 300 Club International, Daimler/Chrysler, and Metalcrafters.


I've been informed that this company doesn't make the panels anymore.

Showcars Bodyparts Unlimited!
An internet catalog for used steel and new fiberglass Dodge parts. Mostly fenders, front and rear, some bed parts, and other pieces that you might need. They also have flare side front fenders for Power Wagons and Town Wagons. They also have fiberglass nose pieces for '57 trucks. (You can convert that '55 or '56 to look like a '57). Look into this site as it is slowly but constantly increasing their inventory.

54-57 / 58-60 Dodge P/U and Powerwagon 58-66.

U.S. Prices below......Canadian and International prices on request.

fenders -front (54-57 / 58-60 / 269.00 each 1/2 ton. fenders -front 58-66 power wagon - wideflair - 349.00 each. fenders -front 58-60 3ton wideflair w/lower extension...395.00 each. fenders -rears (53-87later style) $249.00 each.

57 frontgrill / nosepanel - 379.00.

running boards -52-54 w/out brackets...389.00/pair, running boards -52-54 w/brackets...439.00/pair.

48-54 / visor- smoothie style - 125.00.

If this is a rush, please call 905-857-6345 or fax us at 905-857-6346. Please advise location, zip & phone number for shipping costs.
Web Site:

New and Aftermarket products offered by George McKovich

1958 1959 1960 NEW aftermarket reproduction Chrome Plated Hood Ornament, that fits 1958-1960 Dodge Pickups, Town Wagons and possibly other larger Dodge Trucks. These are the so-called "dolphin" type hood ornaments. These are made of solid plastic resin and beautifully chrome plated.... they are quite heavy and feel just like real metal but without all the pitting.

1957-1959 Dodge Sweptside Tailgate Slam Latch Assembly Repair Kit, including new chrome handle and grommet - Aftermarket reproductions. This kit replaces the entire old assembly and handle and comes with the rods that connect the handle mechanism to the latch mechanisms. When installed, it works as good or better than when the truck was new. The rods have extra length and need to be trimmed to length when installed as does the shaft on the handle. The kit also includes the grommet that goes between the handle and the tailgate.

NEW replacement Park/Turn Signal Light Assembly with clear lense, that fits 1957-1967 Dodge Pickups and possibly other larger sized trucks and Town Wagons. The lense for the assembly does not use the outer stainless bezel, as the outer edge has the chrome/stainless look incorporated into the lense itself. All that is needed to install this are the two screws.

NEW clear replacement Park/Turn Signal Lenses, that fit 1957-1967 Dodge Pickups and possibly other larger sized trucks and Town Wagons. These do not use the outer stainless bezel, as the outer edge has the chrome/stainless look incorporated into the lense itself. All that is needed to install this are the two screws.

Items are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. I accept PayPal, checks, or money orders. Email me at: "George McKovich"

Speed Bleeder
A must for ease in bleeding your own brakes!

Engine turned dash panels made from 18 guage stainless steel. The holes are laser cut to fit OEM guages. These are what I call "blems". Slight blemishes which are very hard to notice unless you're really looking hard. They fit 1954 to 1957 Dodge pickups, Town Panels, Town Wagons, and I think some military Power Wagons. With slight modification to your dash they will fit 1958 trucks too, however you would have to find early models guages to fit holes. $70 a pair plus shipping.

Steering Wheels
Check out this site if your looking for a steering wheel for your rig or having yours repaired like new!