Sicard, FWD, Oskosh, Bighorn, and the Shorthorn

This is a interesting email I got from: Mark Van Scoter, Austin, Texas. The subject: Dodge trucks. I thought I'd pass on a few excerpts from his email. The 2 trucks on the left are called Sicard and are made in Great Britian, from the collection of Mark Van Scoter. Thanks for sharing, Mark!

Dodge made the "Bighorns" for a few years and you still see them sometimes in CA and in the midwest. If I remember correctly, the Bighorn was designation CNT-1000. This refered to the "C" cab (old PU cab), N=diesel, and T=tandem. I am pretty sure Dodge made NO gas powered Bighorms, but they may have made some SA versions. Dodge also planned and showed pictures of a "Shorthorn". This was designed to replace the 90" BBC (bumper to back of cab) C-900 family with all its variants (CT-900, CN-900, CNT-900). My memory says that it was designated the C-950 series and was showed on the heavy truck literature issed in 1975. It was, quite simply, a Bighorn grille, Bighorn type nose, but only a 90-92" BBC truck. Unfortuneately, Dodge's limited market share and the Federal requirement to have anti-lock brakes on the new trucks caused Dodge to drop all heavy-duty trucks so the "Shorthorn" was never put into production. Some more trivia about these trucks... For years, Dodge made the "C" series cabs. Besides using them themselves, they sold them to FWD and Oshkosh in Wisconsin and also some west-coast companies. For the final years, the construction of these cabs was subcontracted to the Checker company, builder of the Checker cab. I think they were/are located in Kalamazoo, MI. While the cab had been trouble-free when it was made by Chysler, it seemed to have problems when it was built by Checker. A Dodge engineer at the Chicago Auto show was telling me about the problem back then (I was the truck sales manager at a Chicago suburb Dodge dealer then). Here are some images from my collection. I can't be sure of where they originally came from, I have been collecting and trading pix for over 5 years. Although Oshkosh is in Wisconsin, the ads are from their Canadian branch. The Canadian truck is one that I know nothing about, except it uses the Dodge cab. Here is more and pix of the Dodge (Great Britian, aka D-GB) trucks that use the sheetmetal of the Dodge "B" cab. These trucks were available from about the mid-70's to the mid 90's. When Chysler GB was sold, they were sold as Renault-Dodge trucks. They were availabe from about 7500lb GVW to about 16,000 # GVW. As they evolved, they become more and more unique, retaining only the bottom of the door stampings and the cowl design. I WANT ONE! Mark Van Scoter in Austin, TX

Here is another email I just got (2005) from Kyle Youngblood:

Hello, Ran across your website tonight and found it very interesting. Great picture on the main page, those are some beautiful looking trucks in the picture. I want to make a comment on the Sicard, FWD, Oshkosh, Bighorn and Shortnose section. I wanted to let you know that the guy sent you some incorrect information about the Bighorn and shortnose. The Bighorn was designated orignally as a DN950 or DNT950, now more commonly referred to as the CN950 or CNT950. The Shortnose Bighorn, CN900 or CNT900, was schedule to come out in '75, but never was put into production due to Chrysler quitting the big trucks. 18 prototypes were produced and I know of 4 that still exist. All in collector's hands. It was going to replace the swing out fender Dodge's as the guy said. Basically, it was a hi-cab c-cab with half of a Bighorn hood on the front. If your interested in checking out more information on the Bighorn, you can check out my website below. BTW, The picture of the dark blue Bighorn under your odds and ends section belongs to my father. Kyle

Thanks for sharing this information with us Kyle!