Major Dodge Classic links

Here are a few sites I either found or were sent to me. This also includes Town Wagons and Town Panels. If you would like your site listed here just email me.

Docmo's Dodge Power Giants This is the website that got me started. When there wasn't anything out there, this one was. Great site!

The Town Wagon and Town Panel Page This huge site by Eric Bannerman is the best for info about Dodge pickups, Town Wagons, Town Panels, Power wagons, etc..

Sweptsides George McKovich's website about my favorite trucks.

Vintage Power Wagons Mostly Military Power Wagons, but some cilivian Power Wagons too. Parts source.

Dodge Town Panel/Wagon Page Mostly Town Wagons with lots of related links.

Don Evan's PowerGiants Website about the '57 to '60 Power Wagons.

Pilot-House Website of 1948-1953 B series Dodge Trucks. Great info source for the pre '54 trucks!

Dodge Power Wagon Power Wagons, mostly military and some cilvilian.

Townwagon Powerwagon Power Wagon pictures.

Old Truck Graveyard This is a brand new website about old trucks and will have a Dodge truck page in it. Watch it grow.

Old Trucks A website about old trucks. Has some Dodge material.

Old Dodges This website is about the big trucks. Tons of great information about the Bighorn, etc.. Nice looking trucks too!